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It is where the ancient heritage and modern innovations meet, It is where the pristine past and the avant – garde of the present greet, It is a fertile ground for an educational el-dovode, It’s ‘The Cathedral ‘of inquiry. “Welcome to the Cathedrals”.



Mrs. Christy Glory Shanthi
B. Sc, MA, B Ed, PGDCA, MBA, M Phil.
Cathedral Composite PU College & High School

The Rev Pettigrew has indeed left behind a legacy that has percolated through 151 years. With time we have evolved, from a humble beginning to becoming one of the premier Institutions in Bangalore.

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Prof. John K Zachariah

A Legendary Legacy without Parallel John K Zachariah Date of Birth: 27-06-1960 to 24-06-2018 John Zachariah, Principal of Bishop Cottons Boys School, (2010 till date) was promoted to glory on the 24th of June. He is the beloved husband of Lillian Zachariah and father par excellence of Jason and Jonty. John Zachariah, was a leader extraordinaire. He leaves behind an irreplaceable legacy that is without parallel in the field of education. He epitomized dignity and elegance. His rich baritone voice and impeccable English commanded adults and children, to sit magnetized, and listen to him, drawing many fans who adored him. The teachers and students of both the schools he served as principal loved him and looked up to this sterling leader who led by example. As a principal, John Zachariah, never compromised on quality. He ensured high standards of excellence were maintained. His love for cricket, and theatre coupled with this exuberance and love for people, made him a principal greatly loved by the students and staff. Special occasions were always celebrated with joie de vivre and like the man, with larger than life festivities. He has been instrumental in bringing many national and international icons to Bangalore, thus bringing recognition, not just to the schools he served but also to the Church of South India; Karnataka Central Diocese. John Zachariah was a humble man with a servant heart, who was always approachable. He gave a listening ear to everyone who needed help, both staff. students, parents and friends. He has been an asset to the Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocses. The Right Reverend Prasanna Kumar Samuel, has stated that he has lost a leader who has left a vacuum which would be hard to replace. He has brought many accolades and recognition, nationally and internationally, to the Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocese, because of his proactive approach. painstaking attention to detail and hard work, his creativity and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve excellence in every undertaking initiated by him. The following is a short summary of his achievements and responsibilities during his tenure under the Karnataka Central Diocese Awards • DEROZIO award for Education & Human Enrichment. (January 2014) Instituted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. • BEST PRINCIPAL award for Educational Leadership (2013, New Delhi). Instituted by the Newspapers Association of India. • MOTHER TERESA award for education (2013, Kolkata). Instituted by the Mother Teresa International Committee. Positions Principal: Bishop Cottons Boys High School:2010 to date Former Principal: Cathedral Composite Pre University College and High School: 1995-2010 Responsibilities • Chairman of the Education Committee of the Karnataka Central Diocese, Church of South India (2001-2002; 2003-2005) • Convenor of the Education Committee of the Church of South India – Karnataka Central Diocese which manages 23 schools & colleges in Karnataka State • Founded the Cathedral Institute of Further Education (CIFE) under the aegis of the Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocese in 2005 • Managing Trustee of the Sarvodaya International Trust, an organization that promotes Gandhian ideals & values • Inspector of ICSE/ISC schools – schools seeking affiliation to the CISCE, New Delhi • Chairman of the Regional Committee for National Awards for teachers (2014). The Bishop, Committee members of the Karnataka Central Diocese and of the Bishop Cottons Boys High School, express their condolences to the family. John Zachariah, you were a leader par excellence. We felicitate your charismatic leadership. You will be missed by many. Your memory will live on in the hearts of the people whose lives you have touched.

Our History

Founded in 1866 by an Anglican Clergyman, The Rev.S.T Pettigrew, The Cathedral High School and Pre - University College has come through various stages of its growth to blossom into a prime educational institution as it stands today. + more